Comtel can supply all your Satloc GPS needs

Ag GPS News

After some 20 years of continued association, Comtel Systems Ltd have recently formalised their relationship with Satloc/AgJunction GPS Systems. This gives the Ag Aviation Industry in New Zealand a totally independent supplier access to the world leading Satloc Ag GPS products with local representation through Comtel.

Given our long standing association and now much closer support from Satloc, we are able now to better provide both supply and maintenance services on this equipment to the sector.

We look forward to further servicing the industry in which we have had a long association in aircraft maintenance and having had a somewhat direct involvement in operational flying have the Pilots perspective in view. Please call us for your Ag GPS requirements.

Satloc G-4 Ag GPS.

The Flagship GPS full of features and processing capacity to lead the way on your aerial applications. Complimented with Satloc Bantam and LiteStar III for those machines where space is at a premium. Satloc Intelliflow for ± 2% flow accuracy error on spray applications.

Call us for a free Windows version Satloc G-4 "Demo Program". Run it on your Laptop.